5 TJ Rubicon 16" rims


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
$250 OBO

I can't remember if I paid $400 or $500 for these. I was going to use them on my YJ or keep them as spares for the XJ but I could use the money now, and they are taking up a valuable space in the back corner of the garage that Santa could use to hid large toys.

They are the same as the 5 spoke rims on my XJ. Since they are from the TJ the bolt pattern is the same but the backspacing is different. I use .75" spacers and they fit fine. They are 16" so they should fit larger calipers, but no guarantees. I can't remember the width, I think it is 8". They have a few scrapes and scratches and are a little dusty. I'll probably do a CL/Fackbook/etc ad with pictures soon but wanted you guys and socalxj to have first crack at them.