6th Annual Truck & Jeep FEST 2009 ... whos going?


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Whos going to the Truck and Jeep fest this year? i just go my flyer in the mail

July 11-12

Saturday 10-4
Sunday 10-3

Free admission --- at the Denver Merchandise Mart

Clearance up to 75% off
-Discounted Merch
-Overstock Items
-Opened Items
-Scratch and Dent items
-Tires, Wheels, etc

Sponsors = KMC , Magnaflow, K&N, Rancho, Warn, BFGoodrich

i will be going on sunday if anyone wants to meet up and cruise down together. let me know


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LOL. I won't be going... too much to do. I think i might actually install my E-brake cables this weekend.


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I won't know until Sunday.

The kids wanted to go to some 12 hour rock-n-roll show at Fiddler's Green on Saturday. All the moms involved decided I would chaperone. We'll see what I feel like doing on Sunday. :D


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Well, in the interest of UNhijacking a CO chapter thread, I'll be there.
Probably saturday, maybe even both days... can't say no to 75% discounts.


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prolly not guna make it actually, its my first sunday off in 2 months and i would rather go wrench on shit with crimzon, ya know if he gets his shit together on time! lol.

and by the way he who dishes out the first gay joke is the homo, its man law dude. sorry i didnt make the law.


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Think i am gonna head to the truck and jeep show see what kinda damage i can do to my bank account ' I,m the old dude with a ble and tan stripped shirt brown hat and white hair and stach