7/8 heim steering bolt length?


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Anyone mind sharing the lengths on the bolts. Im away from my rig and I plan on hitting the hardware store on my way home.... im going to be running RuffStuffs kit on my 30 with stock knuckles drilled out.



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So you're getting 3/4" bolts right? You should have 7/8 x 3/4" heims for the tie rod (knuckle holes drilled to 3/4") and 7/8" x 7/8" heims for the drag link with misalignment spacers reducing the bolt size to 3/4".

I bought 3/4" (16tpi) x 3.5" long bolts and 4.5" bolts. Pretty sure I used the 3.5" bolts at the knuckle where there were no spacers and the 4.5" bolt at the pitman arm where there were high misalignment spacers (plus I made the pitman arm double shear. My drag link was connected to the tie rod using tabs, so I didn't need a super long bolt at the passenger side knuckle. I used distorted thread flanged locknuts to hold everything in place. No problems at all.

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