8' cabover camper


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I'm selling my cabover camper as i got a newer unit.

$600 to NAXJA $800 to a C-lister

It fits an 8' bed and is very roomy inside. I've used it 8+ times in the past 12 months and love it. Previous owner took good care of it living in the the Colorado mountains with it. So it's been getting used and maintained vs sitting rotting away in a field somewhere like many of them.
Stove and lights all work. Fridge is an ice box.

This all the pics i have for now. More pics and Info on further request.

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he's gonna pass on it. I guess he's looking for something a little newer too. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal man, especially with everything working.


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Yes, It is a sweet deal. I'm posting at my bottom price to eliminate the haggle.

Also, my lady just made some new curtains for it with moto X riders on the pattern.