85% of Gun Owners SUCK!


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Not my rant, but makes a good point:

Rant on:

PEW Center Poll on Gun Laws, Opinions and Activism

Based on the polling data, only 15% of gun-rights supporters have contacted a public official about gun policy. That means 85% of gun-rights folks are too busy picking their noses, drooling over attaching the latest matching coyote UDE colored accessory to their death-dealing barbie dress up rifle, picking out duck calls or whining online about how all politicians suck as opposed to picking up the phone or sending an email and getting in touch with their elected officials and holding officials accountable for their actions. Politicians need to know that we're watching and they need to feel the heat.

Only 23% of us contribute to pro-gun organizations. That means there's 77% of us freeloading.

The good news from the poll? We are better organized and more motivated than the opposition. :headbang:

From the article:
"But this bipartisan consensus breaks down when it comes to other proposals," Pew noted. "Two-thirds of Americans (67%) favor creating a federal database to track gun sales, but there is a wide partisan divide between Democrats (84%) and Republicans (49%). A smaller majority of the public (55%) favors a ban on assault-style weapons; Democrats (69%) also are far more likely than Republicans (44%) to support this. Similar partisan divides exist when it comes to banning high-capacity ammunition clips or the sale of ammunition online."

The survey found that among gun owners themselves, a majority support creating a federal database to track gun sales, banning semi-automatic weapons and banning the online sale of ammunition. And nearly half support a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips.

Guys, Email call and meet with your elected officials. SO FEW people do it, it makes a HUGE impression. We can and will win within the system - preferably in the legislatures but in the courts if need-be. Hell, ILLINOIS just defeated an AWB. Freakin' ILLINOIS.

NRA-ILA Elected Official Lookup:

RUGER Elected official / letter center (how times change, huh?)

Donate to NRA-ILA (the lobbying arm of the NRA)

Donate to the Second Amendment Foundation (Fighting VERY effectively on the legal front)


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I don't usually have the dosh handy to contribute - but I can usually hear my elected reps in Sacramento and Washington groan when they get another letter from me (and I don't write them just about gun issues - since I live in CA, I have no shortage of anything to write them about. ALL of my elected reps are Democrats, dammit...)


I'm proud to be part of the 15%. I emailed Feinstein while on my cruise in the Caribbean.

Emails and phone calls are free. 50c gets you a mailed written letter.


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I am running into the same thing, lots of folks figure it is gonna happen so why bother, I tell them thats why it will happen unless they get off their butts and be heard


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I'm proud to be part of the 15%. I emailed Feinstein while on my cruise in the Caribbean.

Emails and phone calls are free. 50c gets you a mailed written letter.
I am not sure how true this is but have been told by a congressional staffer that written letters carry more weight. The thought process is it is individually thought out and takes time to research and compose versuses an e-mail which is easier.

How was the cruise?