87 Chief (budget build)


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This is my first xj and im super stoked on it, Its going to be a slighty slow budget build for me / also a place to store my photos of my progress. thanks for looking..

The day I bought her.

Her first wash

next I went and picked up some rims and tires from CL and ripped off the side flares

then i busted out the grinder out and began to cut

when i got the jeep there was no side back window it was busted out..so i got fixin

next up i cut the bumper

managed to buy a Zone lift kit and tons extra parts for $100 on CL.. heres a pic of the pick n pull rat doing his thing(831_pw)

so then on my way to meet up with a few guys from naxja.. I managed to hit a car :cry::explosion the only good thing out of it was Tim (kuncklehead) hooked me up with this sweet bumper

so I was getting tired of my trunk not staying open so the pick n pull rat (831_pw) picked me up some new parts

so far its been a fun build. Replaced diff oil, changed valve cover seal, changed oil and oil filter, and few other little things replace couple hoses

Next up is replace the brake lines with longer brake lines and control arms

please feel free to give any advice thanks you


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That bumper Tim gave you looks awesome! Nice to see your rig on here man, it was cool meeting you at tim's place.


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Nice! Whats the deal with the crank and cam there? Watch the bushings on that tire carrier, they're prone to falling apart suddenly. Fix is just a washer between the bolt and the carrier.


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score on the craigslist haul! also ill recommend putting that bottle opener on the front bumper, its 100X more useful there...I have mine on the front bumper... and it rocks . good looking rig man.


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few things i didnt mention
1987 cherokee chief (AMC)
265xxxx miles
5 speed
Np231 transfer case
pro comp tires 32X11.5
Zone 3" lift kit
dana 30 front axle (vd)
dana 44 rear axle
rough country solid tie rod
custom(Tim)Front Bumper
tire carrier on back
pulled longer brake lines from 95 dakota for the rear
and Front lines from a 1/2 ton chevy
Full skids


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they are on and off in seconds I made the bottom pins longer then the top pins I also cut them all in angles and rounded them off.


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SO went to pick n Pull today and found this beauty

Can any one recognize this?? had a NAXJA sticker

WELL it went Great today I pulled off the lower control arms the track bar the rear bumper and also the rear diff cover over all im super stoked all for about $85 bucks and also a thanks to Patrick (831_xj) for lending a hand.


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There is tomken 4" springs some aftermarket leafs too not sure of brand. and a dana 44 rear on it as well.

It is a 4.2 crank but it's mine mine mine!!! Lol

Odo says 112k too on a 96 auto 4.0 231. No sye just a tcase drop.

He seriously scored big time on those arms and re track bar and bumper
Dirt cheap!


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So I had a feeling that there where a few more parts or little things on the jeep at pick n pull that i could use so I went back.. sure enough there were! pulled the front and rear brake lines they looked brand new also braided stainless steel so I couldnt let them go plus they are longer then my current brake lines.. Next I found there was a CB radio antenna line that I can deff use as well so ripped that sucker out.. this rig was semi built up so I was thinking it might have some kind of locker in it.. pulled the rear diff off and nothing.. so I pulled the Front diff off and found a nice little lunch box locker not sure of the brand yet havnt look into it to much but here it is