'97 XJ, Chopped, Caged, D60s...

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1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ.
Chopped, hatch moved forward, hybrid cage with Crow 5pt harnesses, Beard Ultra Suspension seats, etc
Typical light wheeling rash but overall in great shape. Has absolutely no rust, solid floors, not even a surface tone of rust anywhere. Has been garaged since the build started.

3 link with 12" 2.0” Chrome plated Fox shocks, ACOS, 4.5” RE Coils. Summit Machine Jimmy Joints.
’79 Ford D60, 5.38s, Genuine Lock-Right, TnT Truss, PSC complete full hydro steering, 4140 tool steel high steer arms, plated knuckles, RCV CV Axles, CTM 300M drive slugs, tube seals, SOLID axle cover, etc.

4 link 14" SAW Coilovers, Summit Machine Jimmy Joints, etc.
’78 Ford D60, 5.38s bored spindles to accept 35 spline Yukon 4340 chromo axles, Blue Torch Fab Truss and Cover, Full Spool.

Engine originally a 4.0L I6. Approx. 12K Miles. Built professionally. Comp Cams A6 X4 250H-13 Camshaft, bored & align honed, Speed-Pro 3.905 in. bore pistons, etc etc.
High Angle Driveline Driveshaft + matching spare
39.5" Pitbull Maddogs & Rockers on H1s with Rim Stiffeners + brand new spare on matching wheel.
Summit Racing 16 gallon fuel cell with Mallory external pump, braided stainless fuel lines, AN fittings, etc.
Warn M8000 winch
2.5" heat wrapped exhaust with SpinTech muffler.

2x6" steel rockers, gusseted and plated, UHMW belly pan.

Nothing. This Jeep is mechanically sound. Add some fuel and this Jeep is ready to go.
Things that could be done:
The oil pressure sending unit is a cheap BWD/Crown parts store one and has a second time on me. When the engine warms up it sometimes stops reading. This has been verified with two different mechanical gauges that everything is fine. It could use a good genuine Mopar unit to fix the issue.
Rear passenger door was taken out by a rock at the last outing. Needs glass/plexy or run doorless. Jeep has never seen trail time without doors. My wife liked them on.

This is NOT a streetable Jeep in my opinion. You are responsible for all state, local, and federal laws with this thing. It does have valid VT plates on it but that was merely so I could carry some liability insurance. Contact me for more info.

PRICE DROP, now $8200 or best offer.
Everything is negotiable but I will not trade for your 1983 dirtbike that “ran when it was last parked 8 years ago”.

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Life is big block
Let's put this back up at the top and see if anyone bites with it $1000 cheaper, OBO.
I am itching to start the new project.


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$8200 OBO is an absolute steal of a deal for this truck. When I was trying to sell my XJ I wouldn't have gone that low, and this is twice the XJ mine was.
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Well, that it is, but you didn't specify condition. Never mind I'll keep it cage it and get my guy that builds motors for Hendrick to clean the block up for a turbo. Time to play.
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This thread is officially no longer needed.

Now who has a 70-71 e body Mopar or a 67-69 LeMans/GTO?
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