98 Lincoln Mark 8 Oil Light Still On


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NAXJA Member
So I picked up a 98 Lincoln Mark VIII w/ a 4.6L V8 , and w/148k at the auction, and it would crank, but no start. Got it running with a bit of starting fluid, but I noticed the oil pressure light was on. I thought it was weird since the engine had plenty of oil and there wasn't a heard of angry gnomes with hammers doing their thing.

The car's information screen was whining that the oil life was 0% and change was required. It also said oil level was ok. So I changed the oil(oil looked good; dirty, but no metal shavings, etc), and put a half way decent filter on(old one was a Fram:eek:). I used a Puralator PureOne Gold. I also put a new oil pressure sending unit on too.

After all that, the light is still on.

Also, the light stays on all the time from the moment the engine starts to when I turn it off. It does not blink, chime, etc. Just on all the time. Still no terrible sounds, top end is making normal sounding valve-train sounds, bottom end sounds normal too. Checked the fuse(it was unbroken), and swapped with another 10 amp fuse, no change. I also unplugged the electrical plug of the sending unit, still on.

I bought a mechanical oil pressure gauge off eBay, and got good readings from that.
(All at idle)
Cold startup - 95 psi
After running for 10 minutes - 85 psi
After running for 15 minutes - 65 psi
Up to temp hot idle - 40 psi
Hot restart after 5 minute cooldown- 30 psi, and holds steady there

If I blip the throttle, from 1k-5k rpms, a healthy jump of 60-90 psi is shown. Overall the needle fluctuates 1-2 psi, but it's not all over the place.

So my next question is where do I go from here? I'd say I'm dealing with an electrical issue.