99xj with junk on it


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I need to get this thing going sooner or later. I'll try to update over the next day or two what's been done to it.

HDO middle frame stiffeners
stock rockers cut out and replaced with 3/16" 2x6 box steel
front HD bumper tie ins but currently no bumper lol....ready for any winch style bumper with 3 bolts per side
doors come off and get put back on without tools....wires are disco'd with cheap trailer harnesses (last I checked, all windows and locks still work)

roughly 4.5" of mixed parts lift (no spacers or cheap AAL)
shackle box relocators with longer shackles
bilstein 51xx series reservoir up front and bilstein non-res in back
leafs are nice and flat so they articulate well but still hold the jeep up at the right height

dana 30 with cryo treated 4.88's and a loc-rite
alloy shafts will full circle clips
back up set of big joint stockers with full circle clips
zj steering and after market HD drop-trackbar setup (mix of tnt and others)
8.25 with 4.88's and aussie along with zj disc conversion

Gotta go to a meeting...I'll try to get the rest in a bit


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I'm going to start at $6000. If waay off-base or you're interested, send me a PM.

As we discussed around the campfire the other weekend, the used market is so jacked on xj's right now. I look at the austin CL and find ones like this lolz that are clearly listed by delusional people. Then I see other rigs that are significantly cheaper like this but mine is way more built.

Like I said, send me a PM if interested or you have suggestions about pricing/selling.


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Engine: was said to be rebuilt when I bought it around 10 years ago. The pan and valve cover are painted a matching light blue which suggested to me that someone had at least done a minor tear down. It has great oil pressure and pulls strong.
Exhaust is still in decent shape but has met rocks a few times. Some kind of aftermarket with just a hint of tone.
Aftermarket ignition - can't remember off the top of my head but its a big super whizbang coil and mondo plug wires plus cap and rotor of course.
4 hole injectors
All major battery cables and grounds replaced with jon "5-90" gear including the fuse. O-reilly house brand gel cell battery.
Somewhat new (last 2 years or so but I only drive it about 1k miles a year anyways) radiator and zj fan clutch. Still never touched the 210 mark even after a few hours of crawling HF the other weekend.


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Will, I really wish I needed an off road rig ... but I seem to bee at the parks less and less. I hope someone gets it that realizes it's capabilities and worth!!!