A/C compressor delete.


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I feel like I should know the answer to this, but either don't or can't remember.

I searched a little, but didn't find the specific answer.

Im building my 1996 XJ into a buggy. I have removed everything to do with the a/c, dash, a/c lines, the whole thing. I want to get rid of the a/c compressor under the hood, but not sure what I need to do this. Is is another bracket from an xj that didn't come with a/c from the factory? Is it just a different belt? Somebody throw me a bone here...

Like I mentioned, its a 1996 (kind of a bastard year). Factory A/C that i want to remove.

Thanks, Stump


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Chapter BOD
Like Ron said, they make a pulley for the ho bracket system.

Any thought to converting that sucker to OBA?


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Thanks Ronbo! Thats what I needed to know!

Souske, I thought about it, and it would be easy to do, but I have a 20 pound co2 tank that I use, so I dont have much need for it.


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I grabbed the A/C delete pulley from a 91 or 92 4.0 MJ in the junkyard. Swapped right into my 99 and I didn't even have to change the belt.