A/C Questions...what to jump


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I've gone through the basics on preparing to fix and retro fit my A/C to 134a. I'm now in the process of diagnosing things.

If I want to "jump" the compressor to a power source to get it to engage at all...exactly where/what do I jump?? I just want to know if this compressor is viable.

I'm planning on taking it to a shop to evacuate and flush the system. I have a spare compressor, I have a drier/accumulator, an expansion valve and hoses and o-ring kit. Then I will take it BACK to the shop to charge it up.


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Just cut the black wire that goes to the front of the compressor and touch it to the positive lead on the battery. If she works you'll hear the clutch engage. Ill be a nice click sound.

When you convert the system to on board air that's the wire you splice into.