ABS (sort of ) brake bleeding


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My '99 XJ was originally equipped with a Dana 35 in the rear and ABS. I swapped the D35 for an 8.25 several years ago and disconnected the ABS. To the best of my recollection, I cut the wires that went to the wheels and removed a fuse to get the ABS light on the dash to turn off. I don't think that I did anything else. So now my Jeep has all of the ABS plumbing, but it does not have a functioning ABS system. That's the background.

I recently had a leak in a rear brake cylinder, which incentivized me to forge ahead with a disc brake swap I'd been wanting to do anyway. As the final step in the project, I proceeded to bleed the brakes the same way I've always bled brakes. At first, I just bled the rear lines, passenger side first, thinking the rest of the system may have been unaffected by the leak and by the small loss of fluid from the disc brake swap project. The pedal had good firm pressure when I was done, at least with the engine off. But when I started the engine, the pedal just went to the floor with very little resistance. So I went ahead and bled the front brakes, and for good measure I went back and did the rear brakes again too. Same result.

Looking on line, it seems that I may have to cycle the ABS pump using a DRB scan tool, which of course I don't have. And, frankly, I don't know if this even applies to my situation, given that I don't have an operating ABS.

Any thoughts, tips, and advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
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