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The wife's 96, 4.0 automatic. Noticed the ABS light comes on like always when I first turn the key to run, but then it blinks just one time before it goes out. It may have always done this and I just never noticed or it could be some kind of minor fault code?

The owners manual hasn't been much help (I actually have two owners manuals, both say 96 and neither exactly matches what I have, fuses etc.), I don't have an FSM for the 96 (it is an export model). This 96 is kind of a one off and has some parts in it that don't match any parts list for a 96 I've ever found. When I have to guess on parts I usually guess 95, but it is OBD 2 or maybe an OBD 1 1/2 :). I usually use the 95 FSM, parts of the 97 FSM and a little guesswork.

Any input on this blinking ABS Light would be appreciated.


Anybody know the specs. (distance in thousandths from the tone ring) for the front ABS sensor? I jammed a tree branch in there once (a long time ago) and bent the sensor mount. I just guessed when I straightened it back out. There wasn't any apparent permanent damage. It may be relevent to the blinking light, it may not.
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The extra blink could be a export thing. There's no such thing as a 'minor' code afa the standard Teves Mark IVG ABS on the North America models.

If there is a code, the light will stay lit.

If there were a problem with the wheel speed sensor air gap there would be a code, or intermittent activation of the ABS during a normal stop.

1mm (thickness of a dime) should be sufficient gap.