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The AC finally went out on the Jeep last week. When the AC is on its a little bit cooler than normal vent but not by much. The clutch still engages when selected to be defrost or AC. But when I its standard vent/floors the clutch "catches". is this just saying I need a new compressor clutch? Or would it mean I just need to check the gap I would think that the clutch would ware and open the gap, not close the gap such that it can "catch".

Video of what the compressor is doing:

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The clutch is toast, should be clacking ON OFF instead of that. It may be that the gap is bad but I'm not hearing the clack at all. You can get the tools to pull it apart from autozone loaner program. Watch some repair videos on youtube.


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This is when the controls are set to just vent or heater NO A/C. when AC is selected it clicks on and off.

I tried putting my high/low side tester on to check the pressures but it bust have broke during a move because low pressure is fixed and the high pressure would not lock on the port.

So this is when the AC is off, when the AC is on it catches and clicks on and off with the electric fan as its suppose to. Just is not cold air.


So it appears on rockauto I can get a whole NEW compressor w/ new clutch, dehydrator and expansion valve for $240. that's only $30 more than just a new clutch. Any reason why I should not get the whole FOUR SEASONS TSN2145 Kit? In trying to attach the port to measure the pressure I think I will already will need to purge and refill the system as it stands. and the system was not working all that great prior to it decided to really stop working.
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Chances are the pulley bearing is bad. The pulley will tilt and drag on the clutch plate.

There is writeup or two around here on this.
Essentially, you pull the plate, spacers, pulley retainer, then pulley. If the pulley went totally south, you probably need to remove the coil magnet also to remove the rest of the bearing from the nose of the compressors. R&R the bearing and reassemble.