Accessing subforums

Rob Mayercik

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NAXJA Member
Over on the "Legacy" forums, sections that are subdivided (example: XJ OEM/Mod Tech) have their subforums explicitly listed so that they can be accessed "one-click". Here on the new setup, you have to perform an extra step and open up the "subforums" dropdown menu.

I rarely if ever go through the subforums "menu" on the current setup, so I'm finding the extra step of the dropdown over here a little inefficient. I get that if we simply "promote" all the subforums to be just forums it'd make for a bit too long of a list, but can we get a little closer to the older style where we had direct links in the main list to the subforums?

Alternately, does XenForo have a user configuration item to "show subforums as forums", allowing individuals to choose which layout suits their preference better?