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Found her a couple weeks back roaming the streets of Compton with a extension cord for a collar :/

Apparently someone no longer wanted her as i found out that the owner wanted to get rid of her cause she was tied up most the time and barking, which led to Animal control coming over and threatening to fine them if she was on a leash for more than 3 hours.

The "owner" of the dog didn't even live where the dog was being stored. Something about him being fresh out the joint and having no where to keep her. :doh:

So i took her in and fed her hoping to find her a home where someone would not mistreat her. She is super loving and affectionate. Loves to play fetch and i have taught her to sit and lay down.

She's a pit mix from what i can tell and is female.



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good looking dog, i love blue nose pits. ill keep my eye out for ya. any idea on an age?
Shes definitely still a pup. no more than 1-2 years old

Bummer, I'd take her if my HOA allowed pits. Good looking dog.
Thanks! She's a cutie, wish i could keep her but my other dog gets jealous and growls at her. If it weren't for that and the fact that we have way too many dogs, i'd keep her myself.