Aftermarket complete exhaust


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My current exhaust is falling apart. Is there a parts number for larger down pipe and suggestions for inexpensive upgraded cat and muffler?


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Have to look at Borla, AFAIK they used to offer a complete setup but it may have included their header? I bought all the components myself and dropped it at a muffler shop. Think I paid like 3-400$ parts and labor. Best choice I think.


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If I had to do mine again (which i probably will), I'd chop the flange off a banks header, weld on a vband. Then on the downpipe just man up and pizza cut it in close and tight to the engine for driveshaft clearance, cross over the oil pan with a flex pipe. Then from there a vband before and after the cat, then a muffler with a turn down.

Tess Pipe.
All rigid mounting.
All 2.5" mandrel steel.
All v-bands.

...All materials readily available from the aftermarket:piratefla
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Agreed on the above

I did mine from the manifold flange back in 2.5" stainless I bought and took to the local shop. Cost about $200 for parts and $100 labor.

New downpipe exactly like OEM, flex pipe at turn on passenger side before Walker hi-flow converter into a Flowmaster 50 series and out to stock location, trimmed to fit my ext. shackles and hitch. I have stainless bolts at flanges on the header, downpipe, before cat, and after muffler.

Been 5 years and no leaks, corrosion, or damage. Probably outlast the XJ.


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Yeah, I'd love to build an exhaust for it, and planned on it, but I just don't have the time. Trying to get our house sold and that is sucking up all my free time. I may just rip a muffler out of the JY to get me past inspection.