Any interest in building a basic 4 link set up?


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I am ordering parts to bag my chevy.
I need a basic 4 link set up built for the rear.
Would anyone here want to be involved in such a thing? Lol
I didn't put this in the for sale wanted section because its more so an idea in the works but I want a someone I trust to build it.
I will be eventually towing my jeep with this so the 4 link will have to support 10,000 lbs.
thoughts? Suggestions? Would any of the fabricators on here be interested?


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How much pot ya got to trade for skiilled work??? it's a phunney no one get there skiveys in a wad )))


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Ok. I have a better idea of how rear 4 link works now.
Led just explained the different setups.
We got it figured out.
I'm going with a triangulated 4 link.
Thanks Led!


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if you're towing and you want to bag and four link it you need spend some time with a link calculator
with a trailer in tow, the amount of body roll, steering from body roll, and A/S all mean a lot more
most big trucks utilize a wishbone style upper link and two fixed lowers, much like truggy's setup but with gobs of separation both frame and axle sides
also most mount the bags aft of the axle on extensions of the lower links