Any recommendations for a cheap reupholster shop for my seat?


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a relatively cheap reupholster shop that could do my 98xj driver seat? it's that bluish leather and is torn in like 5 spots. I figured I could get it redone for probably less than a high quality neoprene wet okle seat covers =)



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Cheap, probably not. Excellent, oh yeah. Guy in Pasadena did my headliner. Old school, with metal bows for support, hand stitched, etc. Done in suede. I'll have to dig up the name if you want, but he's a ways from you..

The job he did is waaay too nice for my Jeep. It was expensive, but he worked his tail off to get the job done on a tight timeline I had, working until nearly 10pm that evening.

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