Are you ready


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Start Jeep and make sure it still runsRuns and drives still
Change oil
Measure and order new rear driveshaft Done and installed
Bleed brakes
Hope brakes work They don't
Well it started right up and took it out for a spin. On the way home i blew the front right hardline and it's seized into the softline so that all needs to be replaced now.. Just waiting to get the parts in on Saturday.

Rob Mayercik

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Headliner kit is in, parts for the CB relocation have arrived. The work begins tomorrow!
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Oil change

And prayers that I don't rip a LARGE section of my drivetrain out again this year...


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After this past week I'd say I'm about ready.

Installed the bumper and winch, swapped out broke rear springs and removed bump stops, installed new locker pumps, swapped on the 33s, removed the hard top, installed the CB, new seats are in, diff covers are on, everything is greased, grab handles installed, steering box skid installed, front and rear recovery points installed, removed front and rear sway bars.

Last couple things are to see if soft top is complete and will fit (came with the jeep have not tried it yet) also remove front bump stops.

Did not have time to install the ruff stuff steering but I do got a stock spare setup incase.

Need to gather some tools and also pack, besides that I think I'm good to go.

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Rob Mayercik

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Headliner done (including new speakers in the soundbar). CB relocation well along, will finish that up in the morning, then do the swaybar disco lanyards and reinstall the winch power connector.

Going to have my battery checked too. Good thing it's still under warranty...


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I was really hoping to pull off a miracle, and be able to make it down at this last minute. Unfortunately, work just isn't going to allow it.

There is still a hugely slim chance I'd come down Saturday for the dinner and raffle, but it's not looking good. I would have loved to have shared a few beers with folks around a campfire. I'm still trying to thin down the root cellar.

I hope everyone has a great, safe time this weekend.

David Bricker / SYR