Axel Sleeves ?


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About to upgrade my axels. Now would be a good time to install my D30 Axel sleeves that I have sitting on the work bench . Has anyone installed a set from IRO? My understanding is that Ill need to pull my carrier . Was told that they fit so tightly thst all the muck from the Axel tubes will get forced into your diff housings and you must clean out before puting it all back together . I would like to install some USA Alloy oter shaft seals and wonder if the sleeves will interfere?? Welding?? Does anyone have pics?


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Um, yes, the whole point of axle sleeves is them to fit very tightly inside the axle. You should probably be replacing the inner axle seals at this point as well.

-pull carrier with all bushings and inner axle seals
-drill holes in your axle tubes for plug welds
-clean out axle tubes as good as you can
-slide in sleeves
-weld sleeves at plug weld holes and the outer egde on the inner C
-reinstall seals somehow and then carrier and everything else

You should ask IRO about the inner seals. Don't they have a writeup for this? And no, the Alloy USA outer seals won't fit anymore.