Axles: 8.8, 8.25, HP30, misc other stuff


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Changed my mind on some things and now I've got some stuff that needs a home.

- Ford 8.8, 31-spline, 4.88 gears, PowerTrax no-slip, Riddler diff cover - however it does need perches, shock mounts, companion flange - $325

- Chrysler 8.25, 29-spline, 3.55 gears, Lock-Right, RuffStuff diff cover, TnT U-bolt eliminators, ZJ disc brakes - $400

- HP Dana 30, 3.55 gears, Aussie locker, RuffStuff diff cover - $300

- Dana 30 bare carrier, 3.73+ ratio - $60

- Dana 30 master install kit - missing a couple shims but has most of them - has all bearings, pinion seal/nut, etc. - $60

- HP Dana 30 4.88 gear set - $100

- Manual tire changer - bolt this sucker to the floor (or don't, but recommended) and break beads and dismount tires with a lot more effort than the guys at your local tire shop - comes with a jug of tire lubricant - $50

- NP231, tag indicates 1988, 21-spline input - $75

- Dana 35 C-clip axle shafts with ABS tone rings - $40

Everything can be delivered to Winterfest, otherwise send me a PM to figure out delivery. Pics of everything below, let me know if you need any additional pictures.

Ford 8.8

Chrysler 8.25

HP 30

Dana 30 3.73 carrier

Dana 30 master install kit

HP 30 4.88 R&P

Tire changer


D35 shafts


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Package deal on the:
install kit
4.88 gears.



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Jim, sent you a PM.

DoWorkXJ, it is a G2 kit and they are Timken bearings. I will let you know for sure after I talk to Jim.

Nate, I'm sure we can work something out, I'll call you tonight.

Thanks for the interest guys.


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8.25 is sold.

I will bring the D35 shafts to WF in case anyone breaks one. If anyone wants the t-case or tire changer let me know in advance.