Ball Joint R&R - what do I need to know


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I've never done ball joints. My son was told he needs passenger side upper & lower. They quoted him $475 for one side. I know I can get decent parts are less than $100...although the shop told him they are $140 per side. This a highway driver, not much off-road if any, so I don't need any super duper performance or adjustable ones. Just quality OEM replacements

So...this'll be a teaching moment, for both of us...anyone got a good comprehensive How-To write-up with photos, tips & tricks? I would appreciate it. His XJ is a 90, 4WD, 4.0 etc.


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you can get spiders for 100$ for all 4(45$ a side plus shipping) . even the local parts stores should be able to order spicer or you can get them online. rent the ball joint press at auto zone, thats free. thats it. its about 100$ total.


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Make sure you get the 4x4 "adapter set with the ball joint service set. Bleep'n Jeeps youtube video on this is very good. I did mine and it's actually pretty easy from a technical standpoint.
My 92 XJ Dana 30, the bottom zirk fitting was too tall, so lube it up and put a flat zirk plug in it if needed.


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Make sure when you are trying to press them out that you are trying to press them out in the correct direction. I found out it's a LOT easier that way. Some penetrating oil goes a long way and don't be afraid to use a bigger hammer to knock the knuckle off.

As always take your time and it will go faster (re:my first sentence).


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torch and hammer

apply pressure with ball joint press
heat knuckle
bang knuckle with hammer

they will pop right out.