Ball Joints - best, cheapest source?


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My former my son's...needs ball joints, according to the alignment shop. They quoted him $550 for both sides. I've never done ball joints but I know him and I can do it in an afternoon for less than a third of that. It's eaten up a couple sets of used tires. He's on a tight budget so I'm, looking for the best cheap source for Moog (or better) BJ's.

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Your local carquest or Napa should carry moog, spicer, etc. Otherwise, go for some synergy joints from poly performance


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It's hard to beat Moog. I just bought a set of
4 for an Explorer. They're all made in the
good ol' USA.

A lot of the cheaper ones are mfg. offshore,
usually Asia.


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Online stores such as Amazon, Summit, Rock Auto are significantly cheaper than retail stores.


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NAPA wants $260 for the set according to the "less than knowledgeable" counter guy. I think he's wrong.

Rock Auto wants $117 for same set ?? Yes, both sides, upper & lower. Both Moog.



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Cheapest, easiest source? ME.

I have some Spicer's for sale. Uppers and lowers. I bought for a front end rebuild project, but my heep hasn't been abused so the stockers are still good - I never replaced mine.

Shoot me a PM. New in the box still.

I can sell you my quality BJ press too. I don't need it anymore (I'm moving out of state).