Battery boxes....will they fit?


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I'm looking to buy an aftermarket battery box for my 99 4.0 aw4 xj. My stock tray is cracked, and I'm missing the hold down bar. I like the Ballistic/Blue Torch/Dirtbound boxes, but do these fit in the stock battery location? Anybody using one of these, or a version similar to it?


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Didnt know dirtbound made a battery box...

But no, the ballistic and blue torch boxes dont fit unless you make them. They have flat bottoms. Theyre for fabricators, not bolt on.


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I was thinking there could be a way to attach the box to the tray, or something along those lines.

It seems like if the boxes "fit" the battery as tightly as they claim, there shouldn't be any issues with clearance on any of the sides or top. Somebody has to have used these in an XJ.....


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Chapter BOD
is anyone else worried about having metal plate where it could contact the terminals?


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if you're referring to the side terminals, a proper side post cable end would be completely insulated around that area.up top, the level of the mount is lower than the level of where the cable would end up.