Beer and brakes


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Just moved to CO from Chicago. Although formerly a member of the Mid-west, I'll admit that I wasn't overly active the last couple of years. Did make it to my second Winterfest, albeit there was a significant gap in time between the two. So, now I'm in Arvada.

Need to do the brakes on the pile and could use some help. I've a garage; not overly spacious but it's good enough.

If interested, call me in the AM... (303) four/two/six - 0230. Though please not before 9AM. I'd like to do the work between noon and 5PM.

I'll provide beer (and/or tequila), lunch and help on a project of yours in return.

Specs on mine...

255K on the ODO
on the second motor (it "has" ~110K)
ARB locker in the rear (Chryo 8-1/4)
2" lift (rusty's add-a-leaf)
custom drive shaft
rocks under the driver's seat
other crap

-Jack W


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I will be at the rockies game tomorrow but will give you a call afterwards to see if you still need a hand.


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You've failed to show up and help. no porn for you!

In fact no porn for anyone as brake job will wait for another weekend.

no beer either....


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Rear disc swap?
I've always thought about that, but not sure what I'd gain as I'm never going beyond 30s (if I ever get to them). There is the coolness factor which I am in no way above on something like that.

So, just planning to simply change the shoes/pads and get the drums/rotors turned. The hard part is getting to and from the shop that'll do the turnings. Hoping to avoid replacing anything beyond that.

It goes in for a water pump this week.


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Jack, the gain would be not having to deal with drum brakes ever again.

5 lugs, the wheel is off. 2 13mm bolts and the caliper is sitting in your hand.
One application of C Clamp later, and the pads are in your hands.

Install new pads and reverse procedure.

Do 3 more times.

Pump brakes to seat pads against disc and your done.

Easier than chipping away at a rock formation :D


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This is an easy mod if you have about $200 laying around that you don't mind spending and want to spend time working on your Jeep with a decent return on your investment.
Yeah... but the KJ conversion looks easier. Need to find an 05 (or so) axle somewhere that I can part out....

Or I can just change a pair of shoes now...

I'm really cheap at present... The beer is a significant portion of the repair budget. :D