belt driven fan


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94 cherokee p/s a/c 4.0 It has 2 fans, one is electric for the a/c
the other is belt driven on pass side its on an idler shaft that comes out
of the A/c bracket. Its getting a little noisy an the dealer said the bearings are'nt replacable, just the bracket for $270. Has Anyone taken
one of these to a machinist an modified it to take replacable bearings?
I scaned a parts pic of this but I can,t figger out how to attatch to this
thread ,any help or ideas would be aprecceated

Blaine B.

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You need to unbolt the AC compressor from the fan bracket and then unbolt the fan bracket from the alternator bracket as well as the engine block.

Not that hard really, you do not need to disconnect the A/C lines. Like mentioned the junkyard would most likely be your best bet!


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Holy crap! 270$ ?

As stated before junk yard will have a tons of these all day for under 10 bucks.