? Best master cyl for brakes D44HP & D44 axle upgrades ,brake pad ?


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I have a '00 without abs and building a D44HP with Chevy K10 calipers/Ford F150 rotors on the front axle and XJ D44 rear with Ford Explorer 8.8 disc brakes for the rear. Will my existing master cylinder be the corect bore or do I need to upgrade for best braking performance? Will I need to swap the proportioning valve to one from a ZJ or do I need an adjustable aftermarket one for proper balance?

I'd like to upgrade to Blackmagic pads front and rear but will probably end up running Centric 105 ceramic pads since Christmas is nearing. Is there a better performing pad for the price? It's mostly a daily driver on 33's but don't want to set myself up for failure coming back from the mountains in bad conditions.