Boxed my Rocker panels this weekend


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After Running Fordyce in June I beat the hell out of my stock rocker panels . Fountd this on the web and I decided to do it .

Well alot of things are easier said than done. This project was no exception. The rockers dont quite fit as perfect as the site sugested ,but I am happy with the results . The welds were not as nice as I would have liked. It gets the job done but it sure isnt pretty . I think if you have a very good person welding these could look fantastic. I did do a couple things different from the instructions . . This guy just welded the outer sill and the pinch seem to the Box Steel . There is a huge cavity in the door sills So I welded 2" chanell to the top of the boxed steel. I used # 10 self tapping screws to secure it to the bottom of the veiclel .Just for an extra measure. I put Four Sheet metal screws in the side of the sills attachng the chanel to the body . If I wanted to get Nuttty I couud have drilled and tapped the sides for bolts . I dont think the welds are going to break but if they do loosen or crack . The Rockres are screwed in also.
There was a couple other things that I changed but I don't want to bore you guys. Lets just say There are lots of oppurtunitys to get creative with this setup. In the future I will be adding some tubing to the sides for extra body protection .
Heres is a link to pics of the Project in process. Rich