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Hey guys im looking for some extended brake line options. I read in a post a while back that you could use TJ or YJ lines to get more play in the cherokee anyone know whats up with that?

I ordered some stainless steel braided ones from pro-comp and when I took them out of the package they were frayed at the bottom of the braided line so I have to ship them back, it will take almost 2 weeks to get new ones but I dont have the time to wait I need my jeep for work and what not ASAP.

Does anyone know of a different Vehicles stock brake lines that will work but give me more line without midifying? Im running about 8inches of lift. Any help would be appreciated thanks.



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I'll forward this to mbryson, he used some Chevy truck units on is that were bolton IIRC, or you could go with the RE extended stainless units. I've run then for 4 years with no problems.


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'92 IFS chev 1 ton............bolt on....... They do have a bracket that I cut off and the 'hard line' part (near the caliper-banjo fitting or whatever) is a little long, but they've worked for quite a while on my junk.


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to answer the original question , stock YJ lines, front and rear are a few inches longer and can be had at your local napa or whereever you get your parts.. i am running the RE stainless lines for a year now with no issues,



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I can't add any more to the "what will fit thing" ...but I just installed a set of Rubicon Express lines... very high quality...and excellent customer service too.