This is the info that Derek gave me.

the place is called

minute man press
783 e ft union blvd

can't remember the guys name, i think it stats with a J , tell them you with the jeep club they might remember lol

Doesn't seem anything special just need to get in and get them done. Can Dave stop by there after work some day? I won't be that far down in salt lake anytime soon. Trying to wok OT before my foot surgery.


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ok guys send me your email address and i'll email you the PDF file of the calendars, and if you want anything changed it can be done.

we got until mon. the 27th to have them all printed in time for the new year.


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your e-mails have been sent and like i said in the email i have to go sign a for saying they're good, so i'll do that first thing tomorrow morning and they'll go into print