Camshaft specs


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Can anyone tell me or tell me where to find what the lift and duration is on a 94 HO 4.0 engine's camshaft? It getting close to overhaul time an I'd like to put a little hotter cam in but need to know what the original specs are to start shopping for more. Any help would be apreciated.


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From Dino's site:
The stock '87-'95 Jeep 4.0 camshaft is a single pattern cam with the following specs:

Advertised duration int./exh.: 270/270 deg
Duration @ 0.050" lift int./exh.: 197/197 deg
Valve lift int./exh.: 0.424"/0.424"
Lobe separation angle: 112 deg
Intake centerline angle: 120 deg
Valve overlap (advertised): 46 deg
IVO: 21.5 deg ATDC (0.050" lift)
IVC: 38.5 deg ABDC
EVO: 22.5 deg BBDC
EVC: 5.5 deg BTDC