Can this be a 98??


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It's not a 98 you can tell by the grille and half window. Plus the interior and I think it's a 96 because the steering wheel.

Sidewinder CC

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In 98 they went with the rotary AC/Heat Mode Selector Switch. That one still has the slider type heat selector panel.

Edit: Plus lots of other dash details are pre 98.


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It's definitely a 95 or a 96 with the airbag on the steering wheel and the old body style. I thought that the 96 had a passenger airbag but I am probably wrong with that.


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There is 100% nothing on that even resembles 1998. Interior, exterior, hatch, etch. Flagged as spam.

Matthew Currie

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As I recall, there were no passenger side airbags on the 96, so it would be virtually impossible to say whether this one is a 95 or 96, but it's 100 percent sure to be one of those two. If there were a picture of the engine bay or underside, you might be able to tell, because the 96 got some of the engine wiring changes of later models, and a different looking ECU.

I presume that the ad means the 4x4 is taken off, not taking, off, and I'd sure be giving this one a miss unless you got up good and close to it and found it better than it looks. It's had a hard life.


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Still looking. There are a bunch of XJ's around here and I'm still searching for another XJ since my son has taken over the 90 Laredo. I have a couple other drivers...MJ is snow ready now. So this one is def a no go.