Catalytic Converter - Welded?


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The XJ is a 96 Sport with the 4.0 and about 65K original miles on it. The cat has been rattling recently, and after looking under it tonight the stock cat appears to be held on with U-clamps at both ends. I was positive I'd have to cut it off at the downpipe end.

This makes installing a new cat much easier with the slip fit pipe, but does this mean the old cat has been replaced already? I assumed the cat would have been welded from the factory...?


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Friends old cat, appeared to be original, was bolted on his 2001 Jeep XJ. Using flanges, not U clamps. I like bolt ons, the cat can be removed and protected that way, ready to reinstall,on test day.


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I'm pretty sure the front of the cat has a square flange and bolts on. If they used U-clamps, you might be cutting anyway since they distort and crimp the pipe. These are a much better style since you can loosen and adjust or remove things later.

I recently replaced the exhaust on my MJ from the header back with Walker brand parts from Amazon. It was cheap aluminized piping, but I wasn't looking for high quality or cost. It was about $180 including the front pipe, new cat, muffler, tailpipe, two mega-clamps. Simple bolt on, all pipe were correctly pre-bent with the hangers already welded on, and you reused the hanger at the cat.


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Looking at Rockauto, it seems the 96 cats are slip joints. My 88 uses a flange at the inlet side and straight pipe outlet.

As for your cat, look on the heat shield, there should be a stamping (or embossing) that indicated the year of manufacture.


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Thanks for all the replies.

A lot of the heat shield is rusted away, but I'll look it over for a date stamp.
The main reason I thought it might be original is, I received a recall notice for
the cat and ecu reflash several years ago which I ignored. I am the second

The cat rattles like a can of marbles, enough that I even pulled the transmission
dust cover off to check the flexplate bolts. From what I've read, the 96 year was prone
to have the cat media breaking loose and rattling, and that was the reason for
the recall.