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nuttier than squirrel poo.

I can say that with certainty.

Last year the squirrels took all the walnuts. I was spending so much time traveling I wasn't able to do much about it. I decided to let things play out and see what would be left for me. Well, nothing.

So this year I decided to return the favor. The squirrels got jack, and I took the walnuts:

There is over 120lbs there. I still have more to husk. It will clear 130 for this year's harvest.

Next step is figuring out the best way to shell them.



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My problem is that the squirrels eat the fruit before it is ripe. They eat the apples, peaches, tangelos, pomegranates, and strawberries before we get a single one. The lime, orange, and persimmon tree all produce enough that we do get some fruit. The rats and birds take all the grapes. I am not sure what ate the jalapenos and tomatoes. Nothing is eating the onions, so I have those and the limes for salsa.

stupid rodents.


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Squirrelinator for the win!


Get the one with the plastic bin you can fill with water and submerge the trap once you've caught the little F'rs.

Stake the trap down if you leave it over night otherwise the coyotes will drag the trap away.


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A trap is in the future. I figure that will be the ticket during the winter when there is nothing to eat.

The damaging of the fruit before its time is one of my many reasons for hating rodents. They just waste things.