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This is my third XJ, and will be the third revision. Not like I ever finished it, just keep tinkering, adding to it, braking stuff, and changing things. I've met a bunch of great people. Got to see new places, got to enjoy racing KOH and Jeep Speed. It's no longer my daily driver but I do love getting out in it. It's not my wife's favorite means of travel, small and somewhat cramped, and noisy. It was fine when it was the two of us and our 2 Labs. We still pulled a small trailer so we could set up a base camp and explore. Now with a son I don't really want/ can't build something bigger. I don't have the time and energy to start another build with my work schedule and the time I want to spend with my son. My son Alexander who is 4 loves the Jeep. I know, he doesn't know any better:roll:

Goal is to make it stronger, faster.... I mean make it more comfortable, add some sound/ heat insulation, improve ride on/ offroad, improve seating add storage, revisit mods and correct drive line angles, steering angles and hopefully some paint. I plan to update this thread to help with maintenance and parts used, as less and less of this thing is stock and I end up spending so much time trying to find receipts on what parts I used or how I did it.

I bought this 2000 XJ from a guy named Derek in Ranch Cucamonga. I was watching Craigslist for a while and saw his XJ with a RE short arm lift and 31's for 3-4 k. It was clean but more cash than I had. A few weeks later I saw it for a 1000. I called him immediately. He lost the front trans seal and was giving up. I headed over with a dolly, paid him and dropped the drive line and brought it home. After some time I built it up and it looked like this on 33 x 10.5. I really liked the Jeepspeed series.

Grand Canyon

After some time I found a high pinion D44 while looking for parts for my wife's Neon. I walked by the old Ford, it was half price weekend and told here I need that! She looked at me very confused, and at the old totaled '76 Ford pick up. I ripped out a nice seat out of an Explorer so she could sit and help while we pulled the axle. It took me some time to strip it, shorten it and truss it. When looking for gears and lockers I went to RWK Haus since he was local. He ended up needing some help getting his KOH EMC XJ built and wired up for the upcoming race. I ended up changing my build up a bit so we could "borrow" parts off my rig if needed. That's when it jumped up to 35. Since I needed new wheels to go 5 x 5.5 I got a deal on some OMF beadlocks.

At the Hammers, Vern with JP was checking it out and asked if he could take some pictures. I thought he was kidding and my wife thought he was nuts. But after some talking we were off. I think this helped my wife's view of the money spent on the build so far and she hasn't left me yet!

I picked up a trailer off expedition portal and found a deal on a CVT tent. Yes I'm always looking to save money. It doesn't always work out, but I have too many projects waiting for me so I try. Did I mention I'm Dutch? LOL. I know roof top tents are trendy as of late but I sleep well on that mattress and love it.

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On an AAT run I took the trailer and shortened to tongue length so it would follow better. I also changed the top 3 leaves on my Deaver G9 pack. I ended up going .010 thicker and changed from a Berlin eye to a reverse eye in the back. Well it sure changed the way it rode. It ended up breaking the Thule racks I had the tent mounted on the lid of the trailer, bent the Dirt Bound bumper and my header had more leaks now than ever. I didn't realize the shackle was now binding on the leaves as a result of the eye change. Geoff was great in lending me some straps so I could secure it and convinced me to continue. Definately enjoyed camping up there and Alexander had a great time meeting Charlotte.

The header was a JBA and I wrapped it when I installed the stroker years ago.

The wrap really made a difference with under hood temps under way. But as they warn you it may effect the longevity of your header. This time I went with Banks, they supported the Naxja KOH effort and Cal still recommends it. It dose have a 5 year warranty. This time I sent it to Jet Hot for ceramic coating. They were great to work with, quick turn around time. I still have the down pipe wrapped but it was a thicker steel tube to begin with and has a flex joint under the trans so I hope it holds up.

Banks 51327 Amazon 071818.

I also splurged for my birthday and got new plates.

I've got a dedicated hitch on the back. A guy was going to put a motorcycle hitch carrier on his XJ but changed his mind. Brand new class 3 Curt hitch 13084 $50.

I also went to the scale and got weighed to see how heavy this rig has gotten.

Ouch, no wonder my mileage blows.

I installed the header today and It's nice and quiet again.