CoFest pics


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I already posted in the picture forums but what the heck here they are again.
Mt. Antero


Iron Chest

and a quick video of Iron Chest


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Here's some of my pics (none of Carnage though).

JoHNJoHN on Wheeler Lake

Daryl on Wheeler

Formatt on Wheeler

Flat-lander + alcohol + high altitude = Daryl fall down.:D

This building has been like this as long as I can remember.:eek: :dunno:


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More pics........

Getting ready to head up Hancock Pass

On the summit of Hancock Pass- elev. 12,125 ft.

Looking west from the summit- Tomichi Pass is the road in the distance

On the summit of Cumberland pass - elev. 12,015 ft.

View from the summit


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A few more.......

Mirror Lake at the base of Tincup Pass

Grizzly Lake you can barealy see us fishing on the skree pile to the right side of the pic

Heading down from Grizzly- its about a 350-400 ft. drop if you go over the side.

Mrs. Planefixer running the rock garden on Chinaman Gulch

Mrs. JohnJohn in the rock garden

Mrs. Kazman in the rock garden

album is here: Fest 2006/?sc=5
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Terry it was nice meeting you guys up at Holy Cross. I was very impressed with your rig. It was coll to see it in person after watching the the build in your thread.


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planefixer said:
Here's some of my pics (none of Carnage though).

JoHNJoHN on Wheeler Lake
That is my new favorite pic...Jeff I tried clicking your bucket link but requires a login.