Congrats to the New SEC BOD


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President Ed "PacificEd" Robbins

Vice President Glenn "Ghost" Flumer

Treasurer Mark "High2by" Morton

Welcome to the Jungle Guys


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CONGRATS!!!! (except Mark, I already told him once...) Now it's time for more rides, tech and lets get this SEC hoppin!!


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Alright... you bunch of slack jawed, yella bellied, lilly livered, SEC members. It's time to ROLL!!!! :guitar:

Oh wait, my apologies. What I meant to say was. It is my honor to be a servant of the FINE members of the SEC chapter of NAXJA. :thumbup::thumbup:

I can't wait to get the chance to meet alot of you guys on the trails!! I've met several already. I have come to realize, the best people drive a JEEP!!!! :patriot:

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Congrats.... now we know that all losers do have a place in life :roflmao::laugh2:

I really admire you guys for stepping up and volunteering to do this. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon, and for longer than a couple hours at a time. Maybe next year, I will be eligible to run :eyes:



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do i have to do anything to join the sec chapter? i searched, didnt find it...
You are already a member of the SEC since you live within the confines of our territory.

Guys and gals, I hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunity to lead the SEC. I hope we live up to the expectations you have and make this chapter a fun one to be a part of.


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Looking forward to seeing what ya'll have planned, and hopefully meeting ya'll on some trails!


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Congrats to all!

I meet Glenn in person this weekend while in SC, nice guy!

Hopefully I can wheel with some of you this coming year.



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TY all looking forward to adding my .02 :)! If you have anyting you want discussed feel free to pm one of us. If there is something that needs attention feel free to pm one of us. Now a challange. All those that are black and want to see more you can start by becoming RED and helping out! We are a large chapter and really need people in there area to get more people involved in the club and the boards. It was good to meet you too xjtrailrider! I'd like to come up your way some time in the future to wheel so you never know!