Convering 86 d30 cad to 93 d30


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Yeah, that's why I made the CAD housing being a ticking time bomb. I misphrased it and should have said 297 ujoints instead. I'm running a CAD axle with stock shafts using 297's (replaced them immediately), 4.88 gears, 33" tires and have no issues at all. Just don't think that the skinny pedal to the floor gets you over things and you will be fine.


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Well i pulled some shafts out of a 98 today, gettin some new ujoints for em tomorrow then next weekend they are going in. Hopefully with a little luck my 86,93,98 d30 will go together somewhat smoothly. And it was 78$ for the shafts i believe at the pick n pull. With the mild wheeling i plan to do my hope is that this axle with the ruffstuff dif cover and solid axle shafts and larger ujoints should be up to the task. Quick price breakdown for anyone looking to do something similiar on a budget- d30 with 4.10s-$160 g2 balljoints off cl-$70 cad delete kit-$30 axle shafts-$78 dif.cover -120 ujoints $40. All in all im looking at about 400$ to switch to 4.10s compared to atleast the 600 shops charge to regear and i got a dif cover and larger ujoints out of the deal besides.