CPS Bracket Modification


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Many years ago, I think it was 5-90, modified the mounting bracket of a CPS opening the holes into a U Shape. The opens were 90* from each other. Prior to reinstalling the bolts would be partially installed and then the first u-slot slipped onto the bolt and then rotating the CPS would engage the other bolt in the remaining slot.

Does anyone have a photo of this mod?

The reason I asked for a photo is I am not sure which hole was opened which way. If that even makes sense.

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Good idea. I just replaced mine, but I can't remember which way the sensor when, towards the front or rear. I do know that it only slides into the hole one way. You may be able to reach up to the old one and feel which way the sensor is. Or, get the old one off and feel which way it slides into the hole once it is loose.

I was about to suggest studs instead of bolts, but then realized that wouldn't work. It wasn't too bad to just bolt it on though. You still need to get to the bolts either way. I managed to get the bolts started by hand through contortion. Then I was able to reach the bolts with a regular 11mm socket, a wobble, and every extension I could find.

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So I have been thinking about this.
Maybe the open part of the "U" at 9:00 o'clock on the driver's side and at 6:00 o'clock on the passenger side.
You put on the driver's side with the CPU straight up and rotate clockwise 90 degrees to catch the passenger side bolt.
Also wondering if you just made the open part of the "U" at 6:00 o'clock on both sides and just slid it down in.


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The open part of the "U" at 6:00 on both sides is how I have modified mine. This way everything drops straight down into position.

The idea of having one slot at 90 degrees to the other is not a bad idea though. The question is how much clearance is available for that? If there is adequate clearance it would be better retention than both at 6:00. If someone has an engine/trans out of the vehicle it would be worth playing around with.