custom Johnny Joint Trac Bar


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Used a right and left CE-9113 and locknuts. 1"-14tpi shank 14mm through bolts. Can open up to 9/16 if needed. Johnny balls widths are 2" and 1.6" wide (fits RE frame side mount). Bar itself is 27" eye2eye. 1" 1/4 dia CRoMO .120 wall all TIG welded. If you break this I wanna see the axle carnage.

I have no idea if its going to fit your rig. Its a strait bar and I had no clearance issues with it. No scratches on it. It can adjust in length probably 2" longer and about 1/2 shorter. This was on my XJ and was running an axle side mount inboard of the spring perch and an RE frame mount. Something like this is needed for WJ spindle upgrades.

I change some things on my XJ and this one wont work out any more. Nothing wrong with it. Just rebuilt joints and ran for 3 months DD. Still tight. $100.