D30 carrier ?


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One is a carrier from a D30 with 3.55 gears and one I bought as a 3.73 and up carrier. I put them both in a box and now don't know which is which. I am having 4.56 gears installed in about a week. Not a big deal as I can take both. My worry is do I really have a 3.73 and up carrier? The only difference I can see is the ring gear mounting surface of the one on the left is about .10 inch higher. My question is how do you identify a 3.73 and up carrier by sight?

Well, from this website http://www.differentials.com/technical-help-2/carrier-breaks/ It seems I asked an easily answered question. The only difference is the deck height, nothing way technical like I thought. I am going to leave it here so some can laugh at me or some may benefit. Thanks
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