Dallas weather check in


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Saw in the news a couple tornados touched down so far in the Dallas area. Wanted to see if y'all and yours where ok.

Manic Mechanic

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Well, my sister was at school in Lancaster, tornado hit the building she was in. When she was finally allowed to go, she finds out a storm was about to hit the area her house is, so my brother in law got there and evac'd the pets. Luckily the tornado missed her house. Then we find out that a tornado was en-route to my grandpa's house in Greenville, but that storm weakened before it got there. Meanwhile up here in the Texoma area, we got a few drops of rain and a little thunder, but at least the fiance got to leave work early since at the time it looked like it was going to make it up here. What a crazy day, lol. Hope everyone else came out of it alright. Looked like the Arlington, Lancaster, and Fourney areas got hit the worse.