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I just sent them an email and asked the best way to donate the money to them. Just waiting to hear back.


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I contacted TBU to find out how to donate. This is the message I hot back.....

Hi Ryan,

This is Dave Sutton. I am the treasurer for Take Back Utah and of course a member of NAXJA.

All of us at TBU really appreciate the support that we have been receiving from our local clubs.

Since we are all volunteers for the TBU cause, 100% of all donations go toward the Rally and Parade event.

This year we are focused on getting the word out sooner than the last 2 years as well as doing a better job of advertising. Our goal is to double the size of last year.

Donations can be sent to our post office box. Make checks payable to Take Back Utah. Here is our address:

Take Back Utah
P.O. Box 711025
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Thanks again for the donation. Please let everyone know how much we appreciate the support both financial and in person at the event.

Thank you,

Dave Sutton

Didn't realize it was Dave (TooeleXJ) who was their treasurer. If we are all cool with this I guess you could cut them a check.


I got the check cut for $1000.00 to Take Back Utah and will try to get it off in the mail tomorrow.