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DPG Offroad bumstop plates has been out of stock for a while. I called DPG a few minutes ago and they said if somebody put a group buy of 40 items, they will produce it.

So how do we organize something like that around here ?

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I'd say buy some steel and make them or have them made. I run DPG plates and they are over priced IMO. But they do work great. Though at times the plates interfere with the ubolt nuts


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I have some extra 3/8" plate laying around, let me draw something up tonight and see what I can come up with. I would be willing to cut just one set.


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Dont know if fab is an option, but if you have an angle grinder and a welder they are pretty easy to make...


I also drilled a hole in the center and welded a nut on the back side so I could add hockey pucks to adjust as needed.


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I bought the JKS ones when i ordered my kit from DPG.

Kind of a waste of $ don't get me wrong bumpstopping is important but theres no reason for it to be spendy that i can see..


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I have the DPG plates, but they are annoying as hell to adjust because the bolts are so long and everything is hex head. I'd say make some like the pictures above show. I just bought em back in the day when I was bolting everything on instead of making stuff for the jeep.

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Andrew at DIY beadlocks is a cool guy....he'll make anything you need cheap.

I contacted him from the Pirate board and asked him if he could make a cheap knock off of the JKS ones. I saw no reason to pay damn near 100 dollars for some flat metal with holes in it.

The ones you see on his website are the first ones and are currently on my Cherokee. Mine are the thinner of the 2 options but I've had no problem at all with mine for about a year now.

He sent me a PM about 3 or 4 months after he started making them saying they were 1 of the best sellers he has now.


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These cost me $20 to have made by a local fab shop I've been working with on my build ... he said he would charged me more if they weren't so stupid easy to make (CNC plasma cutter)