Driveshaft vibe ideas


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This is not the first or last time this will happen im sure. Anyway I installed a lift shackle on top of my current lift and re-arranged my leaf pack.

Soon as I did, driveshaft starting vibrating above 55.

I had a 4deg shim in, took it out. Tried no shim, then tried 2deg shim and now i have a perfect 2deg nose down angle, still vibrates. Took out the front shaft to be sure, tried two sets of tires to be sure, im still screwed up. Spent 100 bucks to have the driveshaft balanced still no go.....rear end was totally rebuilt again less than 6mo ago.
I even pulled the rear shaft, and drove in fwd with the auto locker & it was the craziest thing ive ever done for sure...., but no vibes from what i could tell, too unsafe to hit the highway.

I am way out of ideas or things to try....I hate having to take it to a offroad shop because of the price rape.....
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