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I know that later model XJ's can use ZJ and WJ front seats as an upgrade, but when I searched it was not clear to me if they would bolt up on an early slider. I am trying to find an upgrade for my '91 Laredo. Any help would be great.


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They are not a bolt-in affair like they are on the 95 and newer- the floor plan is different and so are your OEM seat mounts.

On my 94, I put in Grand Cherokee seats by using an adapter made out of angle iron- basically 4 pieces of it to make a rectangle, drill some holes to mount it to your existing seat base and you're set. If you can weld or know someone who can its an easy project.


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Something else you can do is use an angle or square tube for the late model cherokee seat base in the front. Or you could fold the tabs flat and put bolts through the floor. Picture is blondejon's 88 or 89...cant remember what year his is.

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