Ebrake cable swap


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Ok so a few questions:

1. Does anyone know how to take out c8.25 ebrake cables without taking apart the entire brake? Also with the d44?

2. Will the ebrake cables from the 8.25 work with the d44? I am at this dilemma because the d44 has equal length ebrake lines but the 98 cherokee has an offset ebrake box.

Thanks guys!


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I assume your talking drums. I never had drums for to long and don't remember an access hole but I could be wrong. It would only take a few more minutes to take the wheel and the drum off.

If they are they same length and the the end clips are the same I don't see why your cables wouldn't work

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Early model XJ's and MJ's had equal length cables. But, I would imagine that otherwise the cables for drums would be the same.
If you can get to it easy enough to press the clips down to remove the cable, and disco the end from the latch piece it runs to should be about to pull it out without total dissembly of the brakes.
Or, you could just go to the parts store and order the correct cable for 10-15$.


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I just used some pliers to compress the little flares and disconnected it from inside the drum and pulled them through the hole. Putting them back on is a pain :/


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ok so guys great news. D44 ebrake cables are super easy to take off, lots of room in the drum to get them off and no need to do any disassembly. c8.25 on the other hand....was very painful. Had to remove stuff out of the drum...not fun at all. Also everything matched up perfectly when it was all said and done! So ebrake is all on and working well!