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Here's the thought, I just got my new cell plan with the local carrier with email. I think I would like to have a desktop based client for more/easier functions (from home) than web based. (Thunderbird because its free and appears to be reviewed better than outlook) My hotmail/msn account is what has been serving me since day one on the internets.
Hotmail (pop3) did not integrate into my phone very well, it errors out while attempting to send emails, as well as it does not mark nor delete emails on the hotmail server. As is my understanding with pop3 is that it is downloading the emails to my phone and that is that.
So I know that gmail works more seamlessly with the phone after conversations with the tech guru, as in it can be configured to delete from server and mark as read etc. I also know that I can set up Gmail much like thunderbird our outlook where it can reference the hotmail (and my college email account) and bring those in. As well as have a useful calender and whatnot.
Here's where my question is, am I really gaining anything by also having a destop based client that references gmail, which in turn brings in my hotmail and college emails.
As I am unfamiliar with some of this, would my mobile device (not a blackberry) be better to sync with thunderbird or with the gmail account? Or however that would properly work.
My intention is to eventually switch to the gmail account and leave hotmail.
If anyone feels like tackling this, feel free to point out where I may be wrong or which direction I should go.

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I have a computer with Outlook that pulls down my Gmail. That way I have an offline copy for a back-up. I really only use it for archives in case I need an email from years ago.
Otherwise, I just use the web interface for gmail. I used to use my cell phone with gmail as well, but not anymore.


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gmail works well on my blackberry, and thunderbird or evolution will both pull down gmail. My blackberry I actually have pulling both my gmail and bellsouth acct.