Emglo Air Compressor


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Contractor wheelbarrow style. Emglo was bought out by Jenny in 2003, who made many of the parts for Emglo. This current model looks pretty much the same https://www.toolsource.com/portable-c-371_1361/portable-air-compressor-1-12-hp-electric-8gal-tank-115v-or-230-p-122398.html?sourceid=googleps&gclid=Cj0KEQjw17i7BRC7toz5g5DM0tsBEiQAIt7nLFxjGtKPbg09VNwuwFZ9-CcJt5McJN3DwLXHK_xT4aAaApWW8P8HAQ

Seems to work fine, leaks a little oil, could probably use a new air filter.

$100 or trade for pair of late model (96+) power seat bases